Green Logistics

In the world where natural resources are getting exhausted, the habitats are restricted, and the harm done to nature people by is multiplying every day, we believe that companies must fulfill their duty for leaving a more livable world to future generations. For this reason, we continue our work with the motto of “Green Logistics for a Cleaner World”. We support every effort to raise public awareness of nature and the environment and we identify environmental risks that may arise during the course of our activities and perform all necessary work to remove these risks in accordance with legal regulations. We organize our operations in an environmentally conscious manner, raise awareness of our employees, and support civil society organizations spending effort for protecting their natural life. In order to minimize carbon emissions, we are careful to ensure that all vehicles in our fleets have Euro5 and Euro6 standards. In addition, 15 percent of our vehicles work with CNG. As Ares International Transport, protecting nature and the environment is one of our social responsibilities.