Road Transportation

With our modern vehicle fleet, we transport to many countries including Europe and Middle East countries and Turkic republics, by road.

With our vehicle fleet which is in conformity with EU norms, we provide punctual and trustworthy transportation service to many sectors -especially cold chain, food, textile, chemical and health sectors. We can monitor all our vehicles for 24 hours and share location information about freight deliveries with our customers on a regular basis.


  • Euro 5 and Euro 6 standard vehicle fleet, experienced driver staff
  • Competent and experienced technical team that performs maintenance and repair of the entire fleet
  • Strong agency and international global network reaching every point of Europe
  • Dress Hanger Transportation for the textile industry
  • Transportation requiring special equipment, permits and vehicle type
  • Ambitious Undamaged Transportation
  • Ambitious Service Periods
  • Online vehicle tracking by GPS system
  • Online load tracking query
  • Load and arrival information via SMS

• Private Customer Representative support